What Happens To Your Body If You Drink Green Tea Daily For 30 Days?

What Happens To Your Body If You Drink Green Tea Daily For 30 Days?

I just love it when something so simple can
be implemented as part of your daily routine and it has the potential to create so many
positive benefits for your health and wellbeing. Green tea has been consumed as a beverage and used
as medicine for thousands of years and today I want to share with you what modern research
has been revealing about green tea.Now orally green tea is used to improve cognitive performance
and mental alertness. It’s also used to treat stomach disorders,
vomiting, diarrhea and headaches. It’s used for depression, nonalcoholic fatty
liver disease, all sorts of colitis, weight loss, osteoporosis, several different types
of cancer.It’s an antiviral for human papilloma virus and warts, crohn disease, Parkinson’s
disease, cardiovascular disease, both high and low blood pressure, diabetes, lupus, chronic
fatigue syndrome, dental cavities, kidney stones, and skin damage.Gargling with green
tea has been used for the prevention of colds and flu and in foods, green tea is consumed
as a beverage and though I do not consume it in this form very often, my favorite flavor
of ice cream happens to be green tea.The applicable parts of green tea are found in the leaf bud,
the leaf and the stem. Green tea is different than black tea or oolong
because it’s not fermented. Black tea is fully fermented. Oolong partially fermented. Green tea is produced by steaming fresh tea
leaves at high temperatures. This process inactivates certain oxidizing
enzymes, freeing the polyphenols and the flavonoids.Flavonoids include EGCG, EGC, ECG and EC and they’re
referred to as catechins. They’re also protective for liver health. These seem to be responsible for many of the
proposed benefits of it green tea.EGCG makes up about 50 to 60% of green tea catechins. The flavonoids in green tea include kaempferol,
quercetin and others. Green tea also contains vital estrogens including
beta-sitostero and lignum precursors, as well as xanthines.Green tea also contains about
two to 4% caffeine or 80 to a hundred milligrams per cup. Another constituent of green tea is an important
amino acid called L-Phenylalanine.Let’s talk about some of the specific conditions that
green tea has been studied for. Arthritis, those catechins in green tea might
help reduce inflammation and protect against cartilage damage.Cancer. Many different types of cancer have been studied
and shown that the antioxidant, anti inflammatory catechins and polyphenols can be protective
against the development of certain types of cancers. It’s not a treatment, but it helps to reduce
risk factors because of those antioxidants and polyphenols.Next, it’s an anticoagulant. So there’s some evidence that green tea is
suppressive for thromboxane and the development of a platelet aggregation and that of course
is helpful for reducing risk factors for cardiovascular disease. We know that green tea is a powerful anti
inflammatory food or beverage. The catechins in green tea might have some
pretty substantial anti inflammatory activity, in fact, green tea is used as a laboratory
standard for Cox-1 Inhibition, which is anti-inflammatory.It helps to reduce low density lipoproteins and
low density cholesterol and it may improve and increase good cholesterol HDL. The antioxidant effects of green tea and its
constituent catechins are thought to explain some of its clinical effects, especially related
to anti inflammatory and anti cancer, hepatoprotective or liver protective and cardiovascular health.In
human research, green tea and it’s catechins have been shown to protect against the oxidative
damage caused by exercise and smoking, as well as just general oxidative damage. We know that the polyphenols and flavonoids,
the catechins are antiviral. They have the potential for human papilloma
virus and the virus that causes warts on the skin to be inhibitory towards those viruses.Blood
pressure and cardiovascular disease. Some population research suggests that drinking
green tea reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure. Also, some clinical research suggests that
taking green tea extract reduces blood pressure in patients, either with or without high blood
pressure.We know it’s important for cognitive health. Green tea contains two to 4% caffeine or roughly
80 to 100 milligrams per cup. Possible mechanisms for helping with memory
lapses and cognitive decline and cognitive health include adenosine receptor blockade
and phosphodiesterase inhibition.Dermatologically or on the skin. Some evidence suggests that oral and topical
application of products containing green tea may improve skin elasticity, hydration, skin
roughness, i.e. Anti-aging.We know that green tea is important
for immune health. It helps to stimulate the immune system. There’s some evidence from clinical research
that taking green tea formulations reduces the risk of developing clinical cold or flu
like symptoms.Finally, it’s been used for weight loss. Green tea is commonly used for weight loss. Evidence from clinical trials are mixed, although
some studies do show that weight loss, with specific products, can occur from taking green
tea.I encourage your questions. I want to know that you’re viewing from all
over the world. I want to hear your experience about green
tea. If you love it, if you love the flavor of
it and you can get its effects by drinking as few as perhaps two to four cups brewing,
and steeping, and consuming two to four cups of green tea a day.I love that you guys are
watching. I’m honored and impressed with your time and
attention to learn about your health and wellness.We’ve made some other videos about blood pressure,
about anti-inflammation, about cardiovascular disease. I encourage that you check those out if you
have not seen them, and again, it can be as simple as brewing, and steeping, and consuming
just a few cups of green tea every day. At Zenith Labs, we’ve actually created a supplement
called Pure Greens, which contains high amounts of green tea plus dozens of other super food
extracts that make it a powerful antioxidant. In fact, my three and five year old kids love
the taste of Pure Greens powder. They call it special juice and they know it’s
helpful for their immune system. They know it’s helpful for their health.I
encourage you to subscribe to the channel, watch some of the other content and videos
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loved ones.Green Tea is not a myth, it’s real. It’s been around for thousands of years and
modern research is telling us why it can be so useful for your health.We have a website,
zenithlabs.com. We have a Facebook page, Instagram posts. I encourage you to check those out. My name is Dr. Ryan Shelton, and again, I
love it when something so simple can make a huge impact on your health and wellbeing. Thank you so much

5 thoughts on “What Happens To Your Body If You Drink Green Tea Daily For 30 Days?

  1. In China, green tea is also said to boost the effects of other herbs such as astragalus root, which has been shown in stupidies to help greatly with kidney failure. People should watch out for caffeine in green tea. Like anything, some people believe if a little bit helps, a great big bunch should help even ,more. This is not true of green tea, even without the caffeine problem.

    With the caffeine, less is more. If you drink more than three cups of green tea per day, which is enough for most people, you should avoid coffee, bloack tea, and soda that conta9ins caffeine.

  2. Is it avoid for exophtamic eye deasis or it s notrealy dangerous for it please answer me cause i realy love green and black tea

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