What I pack for coffee shop working! | Remote design work backpack

What I pack for coffee shop working!  | Remote design work backpack

– Hello everyone, welcome to a new video. This one is about remote working and the equipment that I take with me if I’m going to work
in a cafe, essentially. It’s basically my on-the-go
kit for getting my job done. I guess, let’s start off
with the backpack itself. This is it here. It is a Herschel backpack. It’s quite tiny, it’s very compact, but it fits exactly what I need. Inside the backpack, the
first thing I’m pulling out is my water bottle. This is one of those
Thermos, double-walled, insulation bottles that makes my water stay nice and cold. I take a water bottle with me even though you can get free water at any cafe in England,
but I take it with me because sometimes I don’t want to get up to go and get that or, I don’t know, they only give you a little cup full and you need more than that if you’re gonna be sitting
somewhere for hours. At the very back of my backpack, and this is why it’s the
absolute perfect size for me, can you see this black piece here? That is actually my laptop. In this little faux leather sleeve here is my gold 12-inch MacBook. I’ve talked about this before in my hardware for designers video that I did a while back, but
I love this little laptop for taking with me to work in cafes. Actually I just remembered
that I have filmed a full review video of
using this 12-inch MacBook for design work, so I will link that on a card down below. But basically, the
screen is absolutely fine for working for short amounts of time on. It’s not something that I’d want to have as my main device, like I do need a bit of a bigger screen. But for going out to cafes, for taking with me on trips, it’s absolutely perfect for that. The portability is just amazing. The other device that
I normally take with me when I go work at a cafe is my iPad. I like to do wire framing on this especially when I’m out and about and remote working. When I’m at home, I’ll often wire frame on big A3 sheets of paper, with a Sharpie, and go like all analog with it, but that’s just not
super great and portable for like spreading out an
A3 sheet on a cafe table. It doesn’t often work. So an iPad is great for that and in this little front pocket here, that’s where I keep my Apple pencil that I always take along with me as well. I might as well keep going
through this front pocket while I’m here and it is my wallet. It’s a little card holder. You need that to buy
the drinks or whatever if you’re gonna be in a cafe working. Also a pen, this is a Muji gel pen, zero point seven nib, if you care. And I use that to write
in my bullet journal. I did a video all about the setup of my 2018 bullet journal, which is this Baron Fig notebook that I’ll link in the
description on a card. But this is my, like,
task list essentially so I always take this
with me throughout the day because I don’t want to forget
what I’m meant to be doing when I get to a cafe. And it’s just nice throughout the day to continue to tick things off my list. Also in the front pocket is my headphones. These are the air pods, Apple air pods, so they’re like little
Bluetooth headphones that look kind of ridiculous,
I’m not gonna lie, sitting in your ears. It looks like you just
chopped the cord off some regular Apple headphones. But I use these for, if I’m
having to have a meeting at a cafe, which I try not to do because they can be
unpredictably loud sometimes, but you know, sometimes
you’re out and about and a teammate needs to
get on a call with you and that’s when I like to use these. I actually usually end up taking two pairs of headphones with me when I go work out and about actually. The other pair is these
Bang & Olufson H6s, I’m pretty sure it was the H6. These are over ear headphones and they have the best sound quality of any headphones I’ve ever tried. I’m very picky when it
comes to audio quality and these are just
perfectly balanced for me, just enough bass and yeah,
they’re lovely to listen to. They’re not noise canceling, but because they do go over my whole ear they do muffle out all of the
background sound in cafes. If I am traveling overseas, I don’t tend to take these with me. I actually end up taking my little Bose inner ear headphones. Those ones are noise-canceling so I always take them on plane trips and I’m pretty sure they’re still in my, like, carry-on bag
from my last plane trip because I couldn’t find
them for this video. Slightly concerning. I don’t like these or
the noise-canceling ones for meetings much though,
because I feel like I can’t hear my own voice and then I end up, like,
I don’t know, shouting or just, I don’t know, it feels weird. So that’s why I like the air
pods for having meetings with. Let’s keep going through
the main compartment. Next thing, not very interesting, a pack of tissues because you never know when you might get a runny
nose and need to blow it. And then the last few things in here are all to do with charging. Are you quite surprised how
much fits in this tiny bag? I’m very impressed by it. So, the main thing is this. This is an Anchor portable charging brick. And as you can see,
it’s quite a hefty one. It’s very heavy. It’s quite large. What’s great about this is, first of all, it holds a lot of charge. And second of all, if I combine it with this cord, this
is a USB to USB c cord, I can plug this into
here and charge my laptop from this guy. And depending on what I’m doing, this thing doesn’t really
charge the laptop so much as keep it at the same battery level, like it doesn’t let it drop. So I know I’m not going to
run out of battery using this but it might not actually fill it up unless I’m using, like,
a program that is super– well, super-not battery
intensive, if that makes sense. Still, I love having this though because I do take with me my actual computer charger as well. But you can’t always guarantee that you’ll get a seat near a plug or that there will be a plug in the cafe that you’re gonna work in. So that’s why having this as, like a back-up power pack is handy. I really like taking this on planes too because, especially the routes I fly on and the airlines that I fly on, you can’t always guarantee
there’s going to be a power outlet in your seat. That is not ubiquitous yet
on planes unfortunately. So at least having this, I
know I can plug my laptop in and keep its battery level the same so I can work throughout the flight. The last thing that I
accidentally pulled out with the computer charger
is just a lightning cable because my little phone
dies really quickly and always need to charge it. So I think that’s everything
that I take with me for when I’m working out and about. I always just make sure
that I have the files that I need to be working
on on that small laptop before I go, because I
do use a different laptop as my main device when I’m at home. But it works pretty well
to have this little– basically I can fit my
office into a backpack and take it with me and just get work done from anywhere. Please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and if
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39 thoughts on “What I pack for coffee shop working! | Remote design work backpack

  1. Ever used the app Duet to use your iPad as a second monitor when you’re designing? I find it’s really helpful when I’m using my 13” MacBook. Just getting extra content off the main screen really helps.

  2. That’s a great mobile kit. I really considered going with an iPad Pro 12 inch for while. I ended up going with the slightly more versatile Surface Pro.

  3. I love that we both have the same laptop, laptop sleeve, mini backpack, baron fig notebook, and now usb port hahaha

  4. isnt it better to have a 13 inch macbook pro instead of the 12 inch macbook? they almost cost the same , dont have that much difference in weight, and the macbook pro is much more oowerfull!

  5. Cool video!! A tad unrelated but I'm curious to know what is the procedure to work remotely for a US company as a non US-citizen/green-card holder.

  6. I work remotely at least once a month but have been using a tote bag which is really cumbersome. I’m Inspired by how much you have gotten into a backpack. My task for today is to go get a backpack to replace my tote.
    Thank you for sharing an inspiring video. Keep up the great work.

  7. Looks like the same Anker battery as I have. The USB C port on that puts out more juice than the other ports and should charge your laptop faster than the normal USB to USB C.

  8. I really like the backpack. Really roomy and can carry a lot. I also agree with bringing a water bottle. I like try to keep my car clean and using a bottle helps me maintain the cleanliness. Plus they are easy to put in your bag and won't spill. I use a thermos mostly because it can be used for water and coffee.

  9. I've noticed that you use Apple products for your work. I'm a graphic design major and I have one year left of school so I need to invest in something that will help me finish school and get started in the professional world. I'm having a really hard time deciding what I want to get. I've come across a lot of articles comparing MacBook Pros and Microsoft Surface Books. Do you have any experience with Microsoft design level products or general advice on what I should invest in?

  10. Hi charlie, i loved this video so much I watched several times. maybe because I am huge gadget freak and I love bags. This should be a lil series, more about remote working, I think a lot of us designers do this more than work from home. But my main question for you is, do you ever have the fear of being robbed? I have phobia about carrying all those gadgets and fear if someone steals my bag. Is that an issue for you?

  11. You're my new favorite!! I love this "what's in a bag" video out of the many videos of yours that I have been playing in the background for 2 straight days! I'm also a freelancer doing remote work and I so love that I found you! It's really too easy to procrastinate working from home and I love learning about how you do it! Thank you so much Charli!

  12. This is a really helpful video, they just released the winter floral collection with this backpack and ahhh i love small backpacks, i love floral, and you pretty much carry everything i would.

  13. I love that backpack! I got the same one. Herschel Town in black. But the strap on yours is much thicker than mines. 🤔 Got mines at Nordstrom a few years back. Always wished it had thicker straps but nonetheless, I love that backpack sooo much, it fits just the right amount of crap. LOL!

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