What If You Drink 10 Liters Of Coffee Per Day?

What If You Drink 10 Liters Of Coffee Per Day?

Meet Arnold he’s finally got a job he’s not my b***h anymore,
he’s a coffee farm b***h Now Arnold will collect beans from trees up to nine meters high, great choice of work Arney! the collected beans are dried and roasted, after which they’re ready for sale, arney be careful with that fire Uh Oh! Arney, grab your things and run you can stay with me for a while, but on one condition you’ll be my test subject in a new experiment, you’ll drink all the coffee you’ve harvested, in one sitting your stock is just enough to make 10 litres of espresso, or 200 cups so suck it up, buttercup people all over the world drink 500 billion cups a year, and nothing bad happens alas, this dose of caffeine all at once will kill you twice but I love you Arnie so I’m giving you two extra Live Hungry? espresso has zero Calories you should be thankful that caffeine, dulls your pangs of hunger Arney, did you hear about the Australian students, who after their fifth cup of espresso, thought they heard music, in white noise! this experiment confirmed, these psychoactive properties of caffeine! Arney,
can you hear me! Arney!!! really, it’s impossible to drink 10 litres of espresso, the violent tremors in your hands, and paranoia, won’t let you take a sip at 50th cup! but a contract is a contract, so here, take caffeine pill and overdose of caffeine, provokes, cardiac arrest in your case, double cardiac arrest! congratulations, with three lives, you managed to survive the experiment, i think it’s for you Arney! I warn you, if you don’t want problems, you work for me, and only me! Uh oh, by the way it looks like Arnold cut it pretty bad! we have some great news for you Arnold is now in Our World now you can use them as a pillow for your b**tocks, or as a Pin cushion, he can be a great chew toy for your dog, or you can just give him your love! click the link below in the description to get your own, personal Arnold, make sure to get yours quick, this is a limited edition sale! put your finger up if you like, this video send it to your friends and subscribe to my channel! there are many more, exciting experiments coming, with, our friend, Arnold! Caption Subtitle (Mailruagent Returns)

100 thoughts on “What If You Drink 10 Liters Of Coffee Per Day?

  1. Great you didn't even link the music (spring four seasons by Vivaldi) I'm seeing myself going down that path

  2. And overdose of caffeine provokes cardiac arrest…

    In your case, double cardiac arrest!

    That got me! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. He's not ma bitch anymore he is a coffe farm bitch up,butter cup btw 😂😂😂 it killeed me

  4. Arnold is in hell subject to mind bending torture only possible because he no longer has a corporeal body so pain has no physical limits. But the animation is cute!

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