100 thoughts on “What You Should Know Before Ordering Another Drink At Starbucks

  1. i used to be a fan…however, with his 'social agenda", and poor pastries, I have found independent shops to be superior.

  2. Their prices are way too expensive! I can make my own iced coffee at home for less than $4.00 dollars!

  3. Love the coffee. My daughter gives me gift cards so I can enjoy a coffee while waiting for my bus after work.❤️. To save money to allow me to enjoy it at home I purchase their coffee at a big box store. Saves a lot of 💰.

  4. Over Priced Burnt Beans and curdled milk…over sugared crapola…….. plus Howard Schmaltz is a Jerk…..

  5. Failed in Australia, because we make better coffee at McDonalds.
    And there is nothing "you should know" in this video, its just advertising. You can skip this vid and miss nothing.

  6. Note; if you plan to visit Seattle WA, the very "1st" Pikes Place location is extremely small. You can go to a larger Starbucks ☕ about 2 blocks away. I saw it in 2012. I drank a coffee at the bigger Starbucks.

  7. I don't work at a Starbucks and never have, Im also not a coffee drinker. On the other hand I'm a chef and we have 3 Starbucks at the resort I work.

    I would never eat anything from there, the only they have that isn't a frozen or processed product is the yogurt and fruit cups. I only know that because main kitchen makes them…

  8. ????? What I should know before ordering at star bucks ????? WHAT A BUNCH OF BORRRRRING BLA BLA BLA !!!!! JUST LIKE THEIR COFFEE.

  9. Sorry Starbucks I now drink WAWA COFFEE – soooo much better tasting & I get no politically correct crap shoved at me & oh yeah coffee is 1-2.00 for 24 oz
    (I forgot to say I can also fill up my gas guzzling suv their too)👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻

  10. For the dress code: I work there and we can have any color hair we want, jeans are allowed, you can wear hats that don’t have the Starbucks logo like beanies and fedoras.

  11. Since Starbucks went whacky SJW, I won't darken their doors. Coffee is way overpriced too. I've found better mom and pop stores that are much better.

  12. Rip off, such a waste of money the prices are too high compared to anywhere else. Mcdonals offers 1 dollar ice coffee meanwhile Starbucks wants way more.

  13. Walk into any coffee shop and order a black coffee they look at you like you just got off of a UFO so i make my own at home one month of homemade coffee = 1 trip to a coffee shop

  14. In the UK, Starbucks is the best and most reliable chain for a decent coffee.

    Costa coffee tastes like dirt. The Nero etc etc are trash.

    Independents are hit and miss. Can be cheap rubbish, can be fantastic

  15. Over priced –
    Over rated
    Over Sugared – Over Corporatized/ Its stale
    Haven't been back in 5 years…#done

  16. You made a very FATAL ERROR, ITS not STARBUCKS, ITS CHARBUCKS, If there is one thing that PISSES ME OFF ITS GOD DAMNED BURNT COFFEE, I HAD 1 CUP, NEVER AGAIN !!!! Cheers from NJ

  17. It failed miserably in Australia because everyone found out that they support IsraHell's occupation of Palestine.

  18. I don’t go anywhere where there is a tip jar on the counter. The last Starbucks I went to had THREE tip jars out. One at the cashier, one at the pickup counter, and one at the drive thru. WTF!!!! Can’t pay your employees a living wage so your employees have to beg from the customers too. Won’t be back. I brew my own at home and better than Starbucks and I tip myself.

  19. I've tried Starbucks and wouldn't give it to my worst enemy. As far as I am concerned it's just like everything else that comes out of the USA, crap.

  20. how dare you guys use a chemex with starbucks… the are just jumping on the third wave movement and late…dont get me started why they wanted to hire vets… this video is useless

  21. I do independent shops. No need for 'social agenda' bullshit. Pastries not good anymore. Focus on pastries CEO…keep social opinions to yourself! 😎

  22. I'm so tired of hearing about SB. They and their opinions are like as holes, everyone has one. Now I surely Love my America the way it was when you don't walk on our Flag or let someone else and you dont burn the Flag because untold True Americas fought and died for our God given rights and what our people deserve. Remember we are supposed to be a free country? Well I'm sure that if SB and the DemonRats and cabal could have their way we will become more of a slave than we already are. #MAGA ! ! I live in Washington state and have alot of friends there and they are fighting to get the state back and now there stupid governor is running for president, stupid people. If you can't see it yet President Trump is trying to give us our government back and yet we have Congress ready to turn socialist, really? Our schools are not teaching the kids the truth, it's all painted in falsehoods to fit the agenda and SB is a big part of the DemonRats rants and lies. They care not of us but we have one who cares, President Trump! Vote Republican and keep our President in office. Keep these DemonRats and the cabal out of our lives, remember we only have one and we have kids and grandchildren who will inherit our mess ! !


  24. The ONLY times I go there is when customers give my daughter (degrees in Automotive Engineering, top Diagnostician on West Coast – with plaques & awards) gift cards; I then take Darling Granddaughter there, she loves the iced coffee. I prefer making my own, I KNOW what's in it; plus, it doesn't taste good, not coffee or foods!!

  25. I live in Washington and like Starbucks from time to time. But I do think there are too many locations. I also think people make too big of a deal over the drive through.

  26. I'm Australian, and a Starbucks opened in our suburb, I have been a few times in the last two years, and i'm waiting for it to close down, the store is empty all the time!

  27. Not so great tasting…. overpriced ….will hire Muslims over Veteran's… They're too far left politically.

  28. It failed here in Israel.

    We have Aroma.

    The coffee actually tastes good.
    The Food has value beyond tasty and pretty.
    And normalize for Currency, cheaper.

  29. I only go to Starbucks because of their ordering process. I have fun with it each time. I'll give them a stupid name every time. I'll give them the name "Prisoner 24601", and when my coffee is ready and they call my name: "Prisoner 24601", I'll scream: "My name is Jean Valjean!!". Or maybe the name: "Beuller", and not answer when is called out, forcing them to call it multiple times: " Beuller….Beuller….Beuller". The fun never ends.

  30. In Sweden we have something called espresso house, far superior, much better quality, better conditions, better everything. Everybody watch and learn from espresso house;)

  31. Idc if it’s overpriced, I like the refreshers. I can’t take those comments comparing McDonalds coffee…..you all know McD’s is full of sugar and they rarely clean their machines correctly. I’ll pay more for cleanliness and because I can afford it.

  32. Starbucks is no doubt a successful company BUT like all companies Starbucks is notorious for public relation scandals, corporate espionage, illegal practices, and consumer extortion. Starbucks owns a controlling stake in many companies that manufacture coffee barista machines allowing them to lock out other local coffee shops from getting spare parts and services on their own coffee barista machines. Starbucks is not an advocate for fair trade coffee meaning that they can buy their coffee beans at bulk free trade prices thus exploiting farmers and other developing nations to grow coffee as cash crops for dirt cheap while charging their customers inflated prices for their coffee. The profit margin for a Starbucks coffee is 70-90% which is a markup of around 600% to 1000% on their coffee. Because Starbucks spends less than 15% of their profit on employee wages and benefits that means either the employees are not paid enough or Starbucks is screwing its customers. How about the questionable ingredients used in their products like formaldehyde in their pumpkin spice flavouring. Too much to say about Starbucks. I would just make my own coffee and it is a good life skill to have too.

  33. You can have whatever hair color you want actually. And hats dont have the logo, they just cant have logos from an other company. They recently changed our hair policy, youre not supposed to have your hair touch your shoulders, back, or get into your face. If its pulled back it has to follow those same rules, or if it doesnt should be put into a bun. Or at least thats the official rule, which isnt strictly followed.

  34. You kinda lost all credibility when you called the logo a mermaid. It is not a mermaid, it is a siren.

  35. I’m unsure where Mashed got their dress code information from, but it’s old info. Jeans and “unnaturally” colored hair are absolutely fine now. It’s in the dress code look book. I’m a pink haired, jeans wearing barista. 🙂

  36. Colored hair is allowed! There’s a public barista look book which says it’s okay to have colored hair.

  37. Why have we become a society that judges things without even learning about it first? This video literally describes the decency and history that is behind starbucks.

  38. Okay, theres a lot of wrong information about baristas. We are allowed to wear purfume and they encourage us to be us, we are 100% allowed to have different hair colors.

  39. 5:00 wow! Starbucks has what the other food related stores must have? They follow the legal health checks? Soo weird

  40. I am sorry, but Starbucks coffee is purveyor of crappy coffee. I have been roasting my own coffee since 2002, and I know what a good coffee tastes like. And Starbucks is one of the 95+% places that makes crappy coffee.

    The United States only tolerates crappy coffee, and has done so for the past 100+ years.

  41. Yeah….after owning a Nespresso I truly see how OVERPRICED Starbucks truly is.

    Almost $6 for a tall flat white….ridiculous.

  42. Sorry but I’m a barista at Starbucks, and your information about our dress code is for the most part inaccurate. They changed the dress code over a year ago to be more accommodating to baristas.

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