What’s that smell? It’s Lavazza Gran Aroma (coffee review)

What’s that smell? It’s Lavazza Gran Aroma (coffee review)

Hey welcome to Coffee Coffee Coffee this is our new set but we also like to call just our couch in our office and
multimedia room right I guess there are a few computers in here I guess that qualifies as multimedia yeah and phones books yeah oh that’s right yeah no records but sketch pads
anyway that’s true lots of mediums media right that’s the plural right okay
but enough about pluralism today we are here reviewing a coffee from Lavazza
Lavazza you saw that on the video yes this is the Gran Aroma which is a
medium roast it’s a four on the intensity scale that they have from one to ten so
low right so it’s not so intense it’s a medium roast
it’s supposed to be smooth and aromatic not amoratic I don’t know what that means
Amarillo by morning so it’s supposed to be an aromatic blend of 100% Arabica
beans floral aroma and a citrusy flavor profile that’s what they say right but
what do we taste is it yes yeah this says ideal for the coffee connoisseur the
true coffee connoisseur oh that’s not us that’s not us so but yeah let us drink because we’ve had
trouble getting this video thing set up and it’s past coffee time so let’s get
our drink on so if we seem punchy that’s why mmm
you know I treated myself a bit here I went with the heavy whipping cream in
the coffee it’s so good you know we’re not even quite sure if sugar made it
into mine did I not put sugar yeah I thought I did he usually does the coffee I’m less competent in that arena I’m just loving yes you are that doesn’t
mean I’m not loving no big no right that’s how he shows me he loves me yes acts of
service that’ my love language yes so this is made in Torino Italy mmm home of the Shroud of Turin
that’s right and also the other things I don’t know
Gran Torino right I’m sure was that I really I never saw the movie well that
wasn’t in Italy it was in like San Francisco What does that have to do with Italy
the car was called a Gran Torino oh those are a car I don’t know these things Clint Eastwood oh ok you gotta see it let’s
talk about the coffee yes I think that the coffee tastes fine fine that’s it fine that’s all we’re getting from you today fine my my my judging is based on price it’s starting to move that way that’s true yeah cuz I have to think
well if everything is relative well no that’s opposite of the way I’m thinking
right if everything is if everything’s the same it’s not so if I look at a
thing that’s you know nine dollars for 12 ounce bag that’s what twelve thirteen
dollars a pound then I think well it’s okay it doesn’t compare to that
cheaper coffee right right I mean it does compare like it compares to the
cheaper coffee well no sometimes the cheaper coffee is
better so I’m like that’s why I say that’s okay okay so you’re saying this
is the best coffee you’ve tried and it’s one of the most expensive ones right right and I think I’m my opinion
is that it’s I can I think it’s better than most of the stuff that we’ve tasted
like I prefer I prefer it taste wise like it’s not my favorite Lavazza Gran
Selezione it’s still my favorite although the Intenso I want to try that
yeah we haven’t seen that yeah but um I thought it was really good tasty I enjoy
it the whole way through like Lavazza is just a solid brand I feel like yeah I
mean there were two that we didn’t like though wait what yeah yeah the breakfast Classico oh yeah yeah that’s true Perfetto is still really good though yeah really good yeah so Classico really was the one we didn’t really like yeah but do you taste the citrus-y floral I never got citrusy although since I put cream in mine I wonder if sometimes that kind of masks
that did you catch any kind of no thanks gross so are you did you get any citrus notes I think maybe a little bit of okay I was gonna see how long I can do that I
don’t know I mean I yeah it’s something citrusy but I don’t I can’t like say
yeah that’s kind of orangish or something I almost tasted just a hint of
beany-ness just a smidgen I mean it’s it’s not enough to be offensive yeah that’s
it that’s in your heavy cream yeah no but I
think it’s more in the lighter roasts where I pick up those notes of beany
and that’s probably why I prefer the darker chocolatey roasts yeah yeah
overall would we buy it again hmm on sale yeah yeah if it was a BOGO boom yeah
take it we’ll take it but the way we’re gonna mark it as yes we would buy it
again yeah we would buy it again but it would need to be BOGO yeah yes it’s a good quality coffee but for the price you can find
other things I think right so is that all that’s all for today’s so if you
have any coffees that you’d like to recommend that we try you can reach out
to us on Facebook Instagram and Youtube or on our website at coffeecoffeecoffeeshow.com and that’s how you find us on the social media places too we’re
new still so it may be a little difficult to find us under
Coffee Coffee Coffee but just look and you’ll find our logo which is the bean
cup yeah there you go and let us know okay alright talk soon ciao

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  1. I just bought this one but haven't opened it yet. I had a $4 off coupon and that made in cost $3.99 for me.

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