Worst Criminal Disguises

Worst Criminal Disguises

You don’t need a ask when you’ve got
a bucket. Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– Thank you for making us a part of… …your daily routine, and thank you if
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– Now, being a criminal is wrong. But if you’re going to do something wrong,
you should at least do it right. – Yeah.
– You know what I’m saying? But some people can’t even
get wrong right! And if you’re gonna prioritize the things
the things that you wanna get right as a criminal — or, say, a robber — I’m
just gonna put it out there that – a face disguise, A.K.A. a mask…
– Important. …is really important to get that right.
But a lot of the criminals that we are gonna talk about today — in fact, all
of them — missed that memo. Yes they did, starting in Ashland,
Kentucky back in 2007. Now, everybody knows that duct ape can be used to
do anything… – Uh-huh.
– …but does that include making a… – …mask for a robber?
– Sure! Well, if you’re Kacey D. (high voice)
Kazee — that’s how I like to say his name. – Kasey D. (high voice) Kazee!
– Kasey G. Kasey G. (high voice) Kazee! Yes, it does. Here is is, Link.
There’s Kasey G. (high voice) Kazee! (Link) I would like to retract my
statement that duct tape can be used… – …for anything.
– (Rhett) Well, you didn’t know that was… – …Kasey, did ya?
– (Link laughing) No, uh… Man, he looks like he’s been
in a fight, too. Well, lemme tell you what happened
to Kasey. First thing he did: he decided to rob Shamrock Liquors.
That was an unlucky… decision. – (both laughing)
– And then — he had a lot of bright… …ideas beyond the duct tape mask,
including trying to steal rolls of change. So you’re gonna pick the
heaviest… bulkiest… – Least valuable. (laughing)
– …least valuable money. I mean, everything is wrong with this.
But he’s going for the rolls of change. – I don’t know. Maybe he likes ’em.
– But if you’re gonna grab handfuls of… …change, then you’re gonna have to roll
it yourself later, so pft! – Yeah, yeah, yeah, He did that.
– So maybe he’s reducing his work. The store manager caught him doing
that and then chased him out of the… …store, ironically, with a wooden club
wrapped in duct tape. – Oh! Anything.
– And along with another employee, they… …wrestle Kasey G. (high voice) Kazee
to the ground. And then the police arrive, at which point they remove the duct tape
and reveal that this is indeed… – …Kasey D. (high voice) Kazee!
– Now, at that moment that the police… …are removing his mask, I’m pretty sure
it dawned on him: not a good mask. Yeah, yeah. And it looks like he might
have lost a right eyebrow in the… – …process. I don’t know.
– (laughing) Oh, gosh! – The left one looks like it’s intact.
– And part of his lip. So that’s where the lip — it’s being
held down. – So the cashier bloodied his lip.
– He’s arrested and he’s put in jail. – He becomes known as the Duct Tape Bandit.
– Of course he does. But then he makes an appearance on the
local news, where he denies it. Let’s see what he had to say
on the local news. Look at me. Do I look like a Duct Tape
Bandit, baby? – (Rhett) Yes.
– I’m not no Duct Tape Bandit. You hear me? Live 101, Ashland,
Kentucky. You know this not me. Now look. Do the math. Do the
homework, man. – (laughing)
– They don’t have this kind of local… …news coverage around here. Like,
criminals don’t make defenses… – …to the news. But I guess they do…
– (laughing) – …in Kentucky.
-But that’s effective. I mean… …his argument was very effective.
He said, “This is not me.” – (crew offscreen laughing)
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – That is… an airtight argument.
– That really throws ’em off. That gets the cops off your trail
real fast. But what’s the math I’m supposed to be
doing? I don’t… “Do the math. Do… – what homework?
– It might be, like… My face + duct tape=
Duct Tape Bandit. – (laughing)
– I did the math, and it leads to him. All right, I got another one for you.
In 2012, Jamie Neal, no relation… – Oh.
– …and his partner, Gareth Tilly… – …they had different last names…
– Right. …were throwing back some pints in
Cornwall, England when they decide to… – …rob a nearby convenience store.
– Good idea. – It says convenient in the title.
– Yeah. It must be convenient to rob it.
I’m not a professional robber, but I know if I’m gonna wear a mask, that mask
should conceal my face. – That’s typically key.
– His mask did not do that, because… …he put a plastic, see-through bag
over his entire head. And walks into the convenience store.
Here is a still from convenience store… – …camera.
– (Rhett) You can make out his features. – (Link) It’s like…
– (Rhett) Because the bag is clear. …he went to a grocery store, stole a
produce bag, threw it over, and then… – …went here to steal some other stuff.
– Maybe it’s, like, Translucent Man… – …or something. Maybe he’s a superhero.
– His partner, Gareth, who was wearing… – …a scarf over his face…
– Oh, that’s fashionable. …aimed a gun at the lone, female
cashier, and then the gun did something that guns don’t typically do. It emitted
a light blue… uh… light. – (laughing)
– And then it was very light and faint. – A faint, blue light.
– A faint, blue light. And it started to vibrate, because it was
not a gun. It was a phone. Oh, these guys are full of
good decisions. At this point, she hits the alarm. Jamie
jumps over the counter, headbutts the woman,and starts taking some booze
and gets out of there. Well, he didn’t get hurt, I’m assuming,
because of that plastic bag protecting… – …his forehead.
– Yeah. Spoiler alert: he was caught… because his mask was see-through!
This is his mugshot. (Link) The headbutt did not do him
a any favors. (Rhett) Yeah, I think it cut
him a little it. – (Link) Yeah.
– (Rhett) That woman had a sharp forehead. (Link) They did take the bag off for
the mugshot… (Rhett) Don’t headbutt a
sharp-headed woman. – (Link) …which was a good idea.
– Don’t headbutt a woman. Period. – Don’t headbutt anybody.
– No. No. Doesn’t look like the type of guy that
needs to have less oxygen going… – …to his brain.
– True. True. – (crew offscreen laughing)
– I’m just gonna put that out there. Okay, Redding, California, 2013. Typically
a robber puts on a mask before he… – …arrives at the scene…
– Yeah. …but not this guy. This is convenience
store footage of his arrival. – (Rhett) There he is, in his pants.
– (Link) No mask. Nice pants. – (Rhett) Real nice pants.
– (Link) He’s going away. – (Rhett) He’s like, “Maybe I should…
– (Link) Case the joint. – – …put on my mask.”
– (Link) This is a different guy! – (Rhett) Yep.
– (Link) Nope, that’s still him. – (Link) Whoa! He threw a rock and…
– (Rhett) Oh, tripped. Tripped again. – …then ran.
– (Rhett) He’s having a lot of trouble. Now, a lot of people think that this
guy got scared when he tried to… – …break the window and it did’t work.
– Yeah, what happened? I’m trying to do the math and the
homework on this one. Yeah, don’t even try. They key is — I
figured this one out — he’s fully… …satisfied with all the other burglaries
that he has committed that night, and all the stuff that he has stuffed into his
crotch area. – (laughing)
– (Rhett) He’s got all kinds of… …merchandise in those polka-dotted
stretch pants. – (Link laughing)
– (Rhett) You know, I don’t know what… …that is in there, but I’m just gonna
give the guy the benefit of the doubt and say that that’s stolen stuff. That
is not his body. You know, actually, this guy, ironically, is still at large.
(stifling laughter) – Get it?
– I do get it, but they didn’t catch him. They didn’t catch him, but he’s been
seen 7 million times on YouTube. All right, guys, I’ve got a robber who’s
got a really good head on his shoulders with something interesting over the top
of it. Huh! Richard Boudreaux was a former employee of Kenney’s Seafood
in Slidell, Louisiana. – Oh, Boudreaux. I’m a Boudreaux.
– Boudreaux working at the seafood place. Well, he didn’t work there anymore.
I don’t know if he got fired, or whatever, but he certainly had bad blood with his
former boss. So he decided to get his revenge and rob the place. And Boudreaux
gets totally prepped… – Right.
– …before he goes in there. He put on camouflage pants. He put on
a camouflage jacket. He even put on… – …camouflage gloves.
– But is he trying to rob a bird’s nest… – …in the woods?
– (laughing) Typically this is not the
kind of wardrobe. Lot of foliage in this
seafood restaurant. Well, in Louisiana, you gotta get through
the bayou to get to anything, so I… – …guess that makes sense.
– As prepared as he was, he forgot… – …one thing: the mask.
– Ah. But that did not deter him. When he shows
up outside of the place, he finds a bucket. – (snickers)
– And then he puts a bucket over his… …head, and thank goodness, not only for
justice for also for entertainment, the restaurant security camera caught the
whole thing. Let’s watch him… …fumbling around. He’s the guy there
with the bucket on his head. – (Rhett) Yes, got it.
– (Link laughing) Look at him. (Link) I mean, he has to kind of tilt it
up a little bit. – (Rhett) Yeah right.
– (Link) And then he’s fumbling through… (Rhett) But you know what? He’s protected.
If he does run into anything he’s got… – (Rhett) …that bucket on his head.
– (Link) Yeah, it’s like a helmet! – (Rhett) He’s not gonna get hurt.
– (Link) Yeah, it’s a safety precaution. (Link) And he can go duck hunting right
after this, and he’s got a bucket to… – …put the ducks in.
– That’s a good point. He got $350 cash, but the police did
identify him because he had to lift up… – …the bucket in order to see a few times.
– Right. – And they caught enough of his face…
– You gotta put holes in your bucket. …to put him away. Yeah, you gotta put
some eye holes in that bucket. Okay, Carroll, Iowa, 2009. Matthew McNeely
and Joey Miller, two incredibly… – …enterprising men. Having a few…
– (laughing) Okay. …drinks together. They come up with a
great idea to break into a house. “Let’s break into a house, man!”
“But, dude, we’re not ready. – We don’t have masks.”
– Yet. “But you know what we do have?
We have a permanent black marker.” That’s all Matthew and Joey needed.
Here they are. – (Link) You’re kidding me.
– (Rhett) So, as you can see, I really… …respect what Matthew tried here. It’s
more of the traditional superhero mask. – (Rhett) Lone Ranger, Robin style.
– (Link) I’d say it’s almost Catwoman. (Rhett) Yes. But Joey really went to a
new level. He did the full beard… – …and then the nose beard. Cheek beard.
– (Link) Bless your heart, Joey. (Rhett) But listen. My favorite part of
this is what Joey did over his… …right eye, and I can just imagine what
happened. He did that little thing over… …his right eye, and he was about to go
to the left eye, and Matthew was like, – (Rhett) “No, no! Stop right there.”
– (Link) “It’s perfect, man.” – (Rhett) “‘Cause you look perfect.”
– (Link laughing) “Don’t throw ’em off. If you paint the
left eye, they’re gonna know it’s us.” Yeah, I mean, I can kinda — If I knew
these guys, I think I’d still know ’em. – (crew offscreen laughing)
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, right. Yeah. – I’m just saying.
– If you knew Matthew and Joey… – …this would still be Matthew and Joey.
– Yeah. – Just with some marker on their face.
– The result of, like, a frat prank… – …or something.
– Well, believe it or not, they were… …spotted trying to break into this
house. A witness said two men with painted faces are trying to break into
a house. The cops just show up. They don’t know who they are, and then
they wash their faces, and they’re like, – “Oh, it’s Matthew and Joey…
– (laughing) …in trouble again!” They get arrested.
But you know what? This is actually one of the few stories that ends well, because
Matthew enjoyed the first ever crime duo to sign an endorsement deal
with Sharpie. – Oh, congratulations!
– Woo! Congrats, guys! All right, so take these lessons to
heart, people. Wear good masks when… – …robbing stuff.
– Yeah, we’re given a lot of… …good advice to potential criminals
on this show over the years. Thank you for liking, commenting,
subscribing, and not robbing anyone. – You know what time it is.
– I’m Jody. And I’m Caitlin. And we’re here at
The Force Awakens. (both) And it’s time to spin
The Wheel of Mythicality! My beard oil and Link’s lip balm will
not keep you from being recognized by the cops, but it will make your beard
luscious. And it will make your lips… – …luscious as well.
– Peculiarly perfect peanut butter… – …peppermint!
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We are gonna play I Am Toast. – It’s a video game!
– I Am Bread, actually. – I Am Bread.
– You might be toast if you… …play well enough. “Rhett is the
only person on Earth.” – Do I really have this place to myself?
– (Link bumping the table) – Well, I’m gonna take my pants…
– (cup hits the floor) Oh no! [Captioned by Kevin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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