Yoseop Yang “Caffeine” – KpopCharts Update

Yoseop Yang “Caffeine” – KpopCharts Update

100 thoughts on “Yoseop Yang “Caffeine” – KpopCharts Update

  1. Hey you guys, could you have the video start at the point it left off when you hit playlist mode? I know it's possible πŸ™‚ Would love that!

  2. Lmao I knew that if the song will get reviewed you will make fun of the English!! I know the English, erhmm…..engrish πŸ˜› was really awkward and grammatically incorrect but other than that the song was amazing! I hope this gets reviewed ;D

  3. Lol I love the description xD "Batoost! Batoost batoost. BATOOST BATOOST BATOOOOOOST! Yoseop from Batoost has a new Batoosty song called 'Caffeine'. Also, Batoost." LOL! I swear it's like you like the name more than the band itself πŸ˜›

  4. YEA!!! U DONT HAVE A MUSTACHE! ITS JUST BABY EYEBROWS BENEATH YOUR NOSE! lol! but did u participate for movember (mustache month)?

  5. I want to make a request, as we know that kpop songs have funky english. We are fine with that. Dont bucher it.Talk about the meaning and scenes in the mv.

  6. It's the voters who decide whether or not SECRET has a chance.. Rather than getting mad at them, go vote and give SECRET a chance.

  7. Nobody's getting mad at them, it's just that SECRET has almost always been number two in their charts and they come sooooo close to getting on Music Mondays yet they dont get reviewed. PLUS SECRET has NEVER been reviewed in Music Mondays before while B2ST has already.

    I been trying to remember a song but cant and the song go like this
    ~ I Love you right now ~~ please help if possible im going crazy trying to remember it
    ~Da da da Da Da da~ is the tune its from a girl group i feel that its a song from this year a new song

  9. at the end of every month or quarter you guys should review a song that YOU guys want to review or thought should get a chance to review. Cause a lot of us just like to see you guys do what you do.

  10. when i first watched it it kinda reminded me with that XX – especially with the couch and the plot xD but i still love it

  11. But see, it's up to the voters then.. Rally the troops to get SECRET up to the top. It's hard as a girl group to get reviewed, especially when groups such as BEAST release new hits.. even if it's just a solo project.

  12. you guys should do a "SimonandMartina Favorites Friday" where YOU guys and review the videos YOU want to review, not the fans (:

  13. Batoost always has the best Enlgish. I'm surprised the people commenting here don't know that the Batoost website was a birthday present to Yoseob….

  14. Simon! I can't believe (no wait, really I can, I should have known) that you created batoost website. I say Simon because I know that Martina would have never lolololol

  15. AHH Simon looking good. "the little one"….love it! I watched the performance on mnet countdown, must say I really loved it

  16. I paused at 1:05 wondering if i should go to the website and is it real? then i was like I'm I being troll by simon? I typed it in and I was like 'oh s*** it's real! This is freaking amazing!"

  17. YOU GUYS ARE ON RUNNING MAN (eating and judging the food cooked by the artistes xD)!! IT'S SHOWING ON CHANNEL U IN SINGAPORE RIGHT NOW!! πŸ˜€

  18. I honestly thought it was "you're bad to me, so bad to me" cause the girl's bad to him cheating on him and all. As for the showdown both songs are epic, but I would definitely go with GD, because after watching that XX I was like GD is soooo awesome but after watching caffeine I was like woah~ the actress was awesome… I like both singers but not a big fan… But still I go with GD

  19. Ha, its not a dumb question. I guess more than you are wondering the same thing ^^
    And the answer is yeah, they are one group, but they have several names πŸ™‚

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